Other EU Programmes

The UK is considered a non-associated third country in all EU programmes except for Horizon Europe and Copernicus

This includes Erasmus+EuratomDigital Europethe Single Market ProgrammeLIFECreative EuropeEU4Healththe Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programmethe Justice Programmethe European Defence Fund and many others.

The full list of EU funding programmes is available here.

UK participation in other EU programmes

UK organisations may participate in calls for proposals under these programmes only if the relevant programme’s legal basis allows for this. The call documents will normally list the countries, which are eligible to participate in projects (and to receive funding).

In most cases, under the so-called ‘corporate approach’ to managing EU programmes, organisations from third countries such as the UK can participate in EU projects as Associated Partners without receiving EU funding, which means they would need to cover their own costs. Furthermore, it is also normally possible for such organisations to participate as other types of third parties such as subcontractors, subject to the standard rules of the programme.

Participation of UK organisations in projects funded by these programmes can vary from call to call, so it is important to always consult the relevant call documents, as some calls under Digital Europe, the European Defence Fund and other programmes can be restricted.

Please note that there are currently no dedicated funding mechanisms in the UK to support UK-based organisations participating in these EU programmes as Associated Partners (except for Euratom).

Last updated: 31 October 2023

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