ERC Work Programme 2025 Adopted

The ERC’s 2025 Work Programme has been officially approved. The Programme outlines the available funding opportunities, call budgets, grant competition schedules, and terms for ERC funding.

Over 2.7 billion euros will be allocated for research grants in the upcoming year, including contributions from countries associated with Horizon Europe.

The work programme also introduces new criteria for extending the eligibility periods of Starting and Consolidator Grants. Extensions will be granted in duly documented cases where the applicant has been prevented from working or their working hours have been reduced due to a disability or a major natural or man-made disaster.

Planned actions for 2025 also include assisting national contact points (NCPs) in sharing best practices, ongoing evaluation of ERC funding impacts, communication of ERC activities to a broader audience, and promotion of open science.

The ERC Work Programme 2025 is available for consultation online.

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