The site map gives you a quick overview of all content of the UKRO Portal.

Setting up a Profile

If you are a member of staff from one of UKRO's subscribing organisations and have an organisational email address, you can create a profile and access the Subscriber Area of the UKRO Portal at no extra cost.

Receiving News Articles

Once you have set up a profile, you can opt to receive links to the latest UKRO news articles in daily or weekly emails. In addition, you can choose the type(s) of articles you would like to include in these emails.

​In order to help ensure proper delivery of the UKRO Email Alerts to your inbox, please add​ to ​your 'whitelist', also called the Approv​ed or Safe Sender list of your email programme. E​very email system is different, but one thing you can do no matter what email system you are using is to add​ to your address book.


The UKRO Portal has a search box in the top right hand corner. Type your search term and hit enter or click the 'search' button (magnifying glass).

If you are searching for a term with more than one word (e.g. research committee) all results will automatically contain both words - you do not need to type 'research AND committee'.

If you want to search for the entire phrase 'research committee' you will need to add quote marks around the phrase: "research committee".

Wildcards can be used. For example, entering 'eng*' will bring back results containing engineering, engineers, engagement. English etc.

General Filters

Under the search box, you can use the filter buttons to filter the search results. You can select Articles, Pages, Documents and Factsheets & Guidance.

Selecting Documents will allow you to narrow your search further down on PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Zip format.

Refiners for Articles

Click on the Article Type or Access Level to refine the search results for articles. There is also a filter on Publication Date. Use the sliders left and right to see the results. Alternatively, you can click on one of the tags in the tag cloud to narrow down your search results on a single tag.

If you require further assistance in using the search function, or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at: